"The serious fact is that the bulk of the really important things that economics has to teach are things that people would see for themselves if they were willing to see." — Frank H. Knight
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  • Teacher: u havent handed anything in all term
  • me: i'm about the minimalist aesthetic

It’s pretty sad how issues of homophobia can’t be addressed without straight women trying to make it about them. But misogyny being used to explain homophobia is far from the most outlandish applications of these theories though, e.g. misogyny has been used to explain why physicists have not developed a successful model of turbulence. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years misogyny is used to explain the motions of the planets. Misogyny may be the grand unified theory we’ve been looking for. I now know what the M in M-theory stands for.

*hopes the element selenium is named after Selena Gomez*

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I’ve recently come across this economics blog, and some of the posts on it are really good. This one in particular is pretty funny.

Fashion always plays an important role in economic science: new concepts become the mode and then are passé. A cynic might even be tempted to speculate as to whether academic discussion is itself equilibrating: whether assertion, reply, and rejoinder do not represent an oscillating divergent series, in which—to quote Frank Knight’s characterization of sociology—”bad talk drives out good.”

Paul A. Samuelson, The Impact Of The General Theory (Econometrica, July 1946)

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The wonderful thing about humans is that you can make all the well-researched arguments you want and then a comedian will get up on stage and go ABWUHHHH??? and say something obviously flagrantly wrong and that will make everyone believe it, because humans do not care about accuracy and will believe anything that someone of sufficiently high status tells them.


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A Tribute to Studio GAINAX and Studio Trigger.

Thanks for all the really weird and awesome anime!

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